Training Downloads

Here you will find various ARES files available for download. There is a wealth of information contained on this page, such as Schedules, scripts and links to other agencies offering free emergency preparedness classes that you may take online.

Web Sites:

FEMA Classes

ARRL Emergency Communication Courses

Emergency Communications Forms:

FSD-98: ARES® Registration form. (76k PDF)

FSD-255: Emergency Reference Information Card (59k PDF)

FSD-220: Handy Operating Aid. (76k PDF)

FSD-218: Amateur Message Form Instructions. (60k PDF)

FSD-3: ARRL Numbered Radiograms. (42k PDF)

ICS 214a-OS: Individual Log (16k PDF)

ICS 214-OS: Entire Unit Log (19k PDF)

RadioGram 1 (16k PDF)

RadioGram 2 (270k PDF)

RadioGram 3 (9k PDF)

POLK COUNTY ARES Emergency Operations Plan:

Emergency Operations Plan (99.8k PDF)

Des Moines Frequency List:

Des Moines Repeater List (64k PDF)

Polk County Iowa:

Polk County Basic Emergency Communications Test (80k PDF)

Polk County ARES Radio Script (26k DOC)