Iowa Area Nets


Iowa Section Net, CW Traffic 6:30pm on 3.560

Monday - Saturday

Iowa Section Net, Voice Traffic 5:30pm on 3.970


SW Iowa CW Net Slow Speed 7:00pm on 3.691


Polk County ARES Net 7:00pm on 146.940


Story County ARES Net 7:00pm on 147.240
Central Iowa ARES Net 8:00pm on 146.610 and related linked repeaters
Southern Iowa Repeater Assn. Net 8:30pm on 146.835
Central Iowa Rag Chewers Net 7:00pm on 146.67
Slow speed CW Net 7:45pm on 3.715
ARTS Amateur Radio Club Net 9:00pm on 146.82, 147.075 and related linked repeaters
Iowa Traffic & Emergency Net 5:30pm on 3.970