How to become a Polk County ARES member.

Attend the quarterly Polk County ARES meetings. This is a requirement as the first step to becoming a member.

You are welcome to check in as a visitor to the weekly net to learn more about up coming activities.

Polk County ARES has no monetary dues at this time, but members pay membership "dues" by volunteering their time at events, checking in regularly to the weekly Thursday night Net, attending meetings, and attending training sessions.

Membership in Polk County Iowa ARES is open to anyone who holds an amateur radio license and is a resident in the Polk County Iowa region. Having your own transport is always a real asset because during an emergency members need be able to move around quickly as the situation demands.

The primary role of ARES is to provide backup communications to agencies following a major emergency or disaster. You should have a keen desire to want to be prepared for emergency situations and help to provide emergency communications to the various agencies in and around Polk County Iowa when needed. ARES members are not first responders, however if you happen to be close to an emergency or disaster then you are in a unique position to alert the authorities and report by radio any damage that you observe.

Polk County ARES also provides communications support for several Public Service Events and drills to use as training tools. Participation in these events allows you to participate in actual nets and learn the required protocals for operation.

FSD-98: ARES® Registration form. (76k PDF)